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Mould, Structural Issues and Termites

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Signs of a leaking bathroom could be hiding more serious problems

Understanding water damage in your bathroom

Trust your senses when suspecting your bathroom maybe experiencing water damage. If you can see it, smell it and feel it - chances are there is something serious lurking behind your walls or floors.

Bathroom leaks can lead to your home's substrate been damaged, resulting in a raft of problems such as rotted timbers and even termite infestations. Then there's mould, foul smells and health implications that come from that.

Some signs you have problems are:

  • Paint peeling/chipping or wallpaper flaking
  • Tile saturation
  • Tiles are cracked, loose or chipped
  • Silicone joints are mouldy
  • Grout around your tiles is missing
  • You can smell musty odours
  • You can see watermarks in the ceiling below the bathroom floor
  • You have difficulty opening certain doors/windows in the bathroom
  • You notice parts of the cabinetry or kickboards are spongy to touch
  • You may notice damp carpet outside the bathroom

Possible causes of leaks in your bathroom,
some of which you may be able to see and others, you may not.

Failed Waterproofing

A damaged waterproofing membrane can be difficult to detect, but is also one of the most serious issues. If it's not installed properly to begin (often in older homes) or has degraded over time, then water can infiltrate and cause leaks.

Missing Tile Grout

The grout around your tiles creates another seal against moisture. Over time, this can degrade either naturally or due to poor installation or sub-standard materials or both. It can also be another symptom of failed waterproofing.

Loose, Cracked or Broken Tiles

Tiles can break through accident, failure of a sub-standard product or even from natural building movement which then results in vulnerability of the surface, allowing water to breach and enter the substrate of your property.

Tile Saturation

Tile saturation is an indicator that water is seeping behind the tiles and effectively soaking into the biscuit. It can usually be seen by a change in shade to the bottom row of wall tiles in the bathroom and is a good indicator that water is not been contained to a shower bay.

Plumbing Issues

Pipes can become corroded or damaged over time leading to a very obvious cause of water leaking. However, depending on where the pipe is located, you may not be able to see obvious signs of this.

Incorrectly Sealed Bath/Shower

If the seal around a shower or bathtub (including the drain and shower head) is not properly installed or has worn out, water can seep through and cause leaks.

Drainage Issues

Drains can clog because of a buildup of hair, soap and other debris resulting in water backing-up, overflowing onto the floor and other areas resulting in leaks.

Ventillation and Humidity

If your bathroom is not properly ventilated and has high humidity, it can cause grout to expand and contract, cracking or moving the tiles in the process resulting in a water leak. The build-up of moisture can also result in harmful mould and mildew.

Moisture Attracts Termites

The sinister underlying issue that could be threatening the structural integrity of your home

Subterranean Termites love damp, moisture rich environments.

These highly destructive creatures are experts at sensing damp timbers and have a variety of ways to infiltrate your home. Gaining entry via cracks and crevices in external walls roofs or gutters and even through unsealed drain pipes, they will seek out the cool damp areas of your home.

Once inside, they feast on wooden framing, bearers, joists and rafters which can seriously damage your home's structural integrity and can result in costly rectification work.

Important Considerations for Bathroom Renovations

Do You Need to Renovate Your Bathroom?

If you have noticed any of the signs outlined that may indicate water damage in your bathroom, it's a good idea to call in the experts to assist you in identifying how serious your issues may be.

Prepare Your Budget

Until demolition begins on your current bathroom, any underlying issues will not be fully apparent. That's why it's a great idea to include a contingency in your budget - just in case there is extra work required to mitigate damage prior to your renovation.

Selling Your Home

If you are considering selling your home, any visible water damage to your bathroom may result in the buyer lowering their offer. Additionally, if a building and pest report highlights any issues, the perceived value to fix them can be higher than in reality - again resulting in the lowering of your sale price. 


If you're not sure where to begin, we are here to assist

Let our designers do all the work

Our complimentary offer of an in-home Design Consultation will show you how we can transform your home into functional and stylish spaces.

  1. Make an appointment with our team – Monday to Friday (8am to 3.30pm)
  2. We will inspect your space, take measurements and discuss your vision, lifestyle & budget.
  3. We create an accurate concept plan on our CAD system - when applicable.
  4.  We provide CAD drawings and rendered images so you get to feel and see the space.
  5. Visit our showroom to choose fittings and fixtures.
  6. Finally we will deliver a comprehensive and accurate quote.

All design concepts and quotes are provided obligation free and with our compliments.

Why Fresh for your Bathroom Renovation?

Bathroom Designs

All designs are completed using state of the art software providing a seamless process for you. We provide you with 3D imagery so you can see and experience the new space.

Fixed Price

Once your renovation designs are completed and you’ve chosen your fittings and fixtures, we’ll provide you with a fixed price contract. If there are unforeseen issues rising from hidden problems such as water damage, termite damage or mould, we’ll provide you with the most affordable options.

No Pressure Sales

Building a kitchen or bathroom or any renovation is a big purchase and is an emotional time. We understand this and employ a policy of No Pressure. All measures and quotes are obligation free, and no charge.


Our main showroom and office is conveniently located just off the M1 at Loganholme. We can also arrange for walk throughs, meetings, and consultations at any display site.
*By appointment.

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