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General FAQ's

Yes, we are a fully licenced builder with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission. Our QBCC license number is 1088603.

Category 5 Builder Low-Rise. Please Click Here to view our licence.

QBCC – 6.5 years. Individual warranties on products. Stat warranties apply.

Click Here to check any company you maybe considering to undertake your renovation.

Yes we do. Based on the approved designs and product selection, we provide you with a fixed price contract that is valid for 21 days from the date of issue. This is subject to unforeseen circumstances - including but not limited to; mould, asbestos, pest or water damage, or changes to the design due to structural needs.

No there isn't. Out concept designs are provided free of charge with our quotes.

Fresh Kitchens and Bathrooms has public liability insurance of $20 million to cover our team while working on your site. Our tradespeople also have their own public liability insurance up to $5 million. The Home Warranty Insurance cover administered by the Queensland Building and Construction Commission is compulsory for all residential construction work valued at more than $3,300 (including costs of labour and materials and GST. 

All property owners should ensure they always have adequate building and contents insurance cover, especially while renovations are being conducted. Property owners are also required to advise their insurer that renovations are being undertaken.

Yes - we will provide these for you.

A deposit is required for renovation projects up to $10,000. For projects over $20,000, we require a 5% deposit before work begins. Progress payments are to be made at various stages of the renovations, as agreed with you.

NB: You will never be asked to pay a deposit until your designs and contracts have been finalised.

Our service area is Brisbane, Logan and the Gold Coast.

Yes we do - 4067 Pacific Highway, Loganholme. Please contact our team to arrange an appointment. 

Kitchen Renovation FAQ's

All kitchens are different and therefore, pricing varies depending on the design, materials, fittings and your specific site. Our team will work with you to achieve the best possible result with all your needs considered. You can download a copy of our Kitchen Pricing Guide here.

Our senior designers are all qualified with degrees in Interior Design, specialising in Kitchens and Bathrooms. We have over 15 years experience in the Brisbane renovation market, having designed and renovated over 100 kitchens and bathrooms.

All our cabinets are made to measure at our own factory here in Brisbane by a team of highly skilled professionals, using only Australian made board.

All our cabinets are custom made to ensure the functionality of your kitchen is maximised and you achieve the finished look you desire.

Absolutely! There are a range of options for handle-less opening cabinets. Whether it's finger pull, push to open or servo drive, we will assist you in demonstrating different options.

We leverage our buying power to secure great pricing on appliances, tapware, sinks, tiles and splashbacks. Of course, we can also assist if you have your own appliances.

Installation is part of your renovation and we install the goods that have been supplied. We are QBBC licenced #1088603 and our trades have all the appropriate licences and insurance to complete the scope of works.

Not in all cases. If your flooring does not continue under your exisiting kitchen cabinets, then we can design your new kitchen layout to ensure it covers the existing floorprint. If you would prefer to change the layout of your kitchen, then you may need to purchase some additional flooring to cover the exposed areas or, completely re-floor the space if that is your preference. Our design team will assist you with the best solution for your situation.

We have a full building licence and can perform any part of a renovation throughout your home.

Yes - we can manufacture cabinets for any room in your home including laundries, butler pantries, wardrobes or any other area requiring a custom solution. 

Bathroom Renovation FAQ's

All kitchens are different and therefore, pricing varies depending on the design, materials, fittings and your specific site. Our team will work with you to achieve the best possible result with all your needs considered. You can download a copy of our Kitchen Pricing Guide here.

Yes compared to renovating each over different time frames. It will not only save you money but also, significant time and hassle if your additional bathroom is renovated simultaneously.

Each job is different depending on what is involved. It can be between 3-4 weeks from demolition for an average bathroom. However, these time lines depend on the complexity of the renovation and availability of your chosen materials.

Of course, it's your home. Whether you choose and purchase the items from our trusted suppliers or those of your choice, our design team will assist you i deciding what is best for your needs.

  • First, we come onsite for a free no obligation consultation to inspect your site and find out your requirements.
  • We then design and create a 3D CAD image of the new space.
  • We invite you to meet with our designer to make any changes and review a range of products for selection.
  • You will receive a quote and project schedule.
  • Once agreed and paperwork is complete, work can commence as early as 2 weeks.
  • The initial stage is the demolition and strip out, followed by electrical and plumbing, waterproofing and tiling.
  • Next, the final touches begin as fixtures and bathroom accessories and installed and fitted.
  • Finally, the project ends with a quality assurance check and of course, a sparkling new bathroom.

Yes. The water and electricity will be switched off for a short amount of time during the renovation process - usually half an hour or a maximum of 2 hours at the most. You will be given plenty of notice when this will occur and we will do our best to accommodate your schedule to minimise any inconvenience. 

Usually yes. We will arrange for a skip bin to allow the disposal of all rubbish, old fittings and fixtures etc. The skip bin is removed once all work in complete. If a skip bin cannot be located on-site, we have access to other waste disposal methods.

Not necessarily. It's entirely up to you if you wish to be there or not. The team can carry out renovations without your being available. In fact, you may prefer to be away while the renovations take place.

No. the toilet will be unavailable from demolition until the new toilet is installed. We can organise temporary ensuites if required.

Fresh Kitchens & Bathrooms holds a full building licence #1088603 and can therefore, assist you with any renovations required.

Full Home Renovation FAQ's

Yes, we provide a full service where we can either renovate under your exisiting roofline, create an extension or manage the lifting of your home before building in underneath.

Each project is managed on a case by case basis as it depends specifically on what is involved. Until demolition begins, it can sometimes not be clear what will be uncovered. Issues such as severe water damage, mould or asbestos in the walls may require additional labour and materials or even a re-design. 

Rest assured that we appreciate all parties would like the project completed in a reasonable and agreed period of time. As there are processes necessary for renovations to be compliant with building codes, we need to work within those parameters. 


The scope and nature of the renovation will determine whether you can stay in your home or move out. All renovations have an inconvenience factor and depending on the extent of work to be done, it's important to consider what alternatives you can put in place, especially if you won't have access to a kitchen, bathroom or laundry. Safety is a factor to consider also, especially with children. Our team are transparent about your specific circumstances and how the renovation may affect your day to day living in the home.


All designs are completed using state of the art software providing a seamless process for you. We provide you with 3D imagery so you can see and experience the new space.

Fixed Price

Once your renovation designs are completed and you’ve chosen your fittings and fixtures, we’ll provide you with a fixed price contract. If there are unforeseen issues rising from hidden problems such as water damage, termite damage or mould, we’ll provide you with the most affordable options.

No Pressure Sales

Building a kitchen or bathroom or any renovation is a big purchase and is an emotional time. We understand this and employ a policy of No Pressure. All measures and quotes are obligation free, and no charge.


Our main showroom and office is conveniently located just off the M1 at Loganholme. We can also arrange for walk throughs, meetings, and consultations at any display site.
*By appointment.

Locally Made

Fresh Kitchens and Bathrooms source all our bespoke cabinetry locally, right here in Brisbane and delivered to you as required using local businesses.

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