Why Kitchens and Bathrooms Sell Homes?

Industry Insider With Gail Gobey – Principal at Sash & Gable Property | Wynnum | 0439 584 111

Why do Kitchens and Bathrooms help to sell your home – especially in a softer market? 

To Do or Not to do is often a question that comes up when considering selling a property: 

The two most important rooms in any home are kitchens and bathrooms – and over the years trends and the way of life being functional open spaces with a kitchen playing a central point is moving to the norm. Dependent on the age and era of your home, I look at it in a case-by-case scenario. If you are considering an upgrade to sell, I do recommend a build inspection to check out wet areas for age-related issues, from there if all’s clear then I recommend gentle modern upgrades to handles, tapware and sometimes a re-polish of the bench tops, can make a huge difference. Remember, a new owner will either revamp entirely or just love it as is and work around minor changes. I also recommend that if you have the budget then renovate if you are going to remain for some time with the prospect of selling – do it for you to enjoy and you will reap that reward in the long run. 

What dollar value could be placed on quality Bathrooms & Kitchens for your overall sale price?  
This is a tough one as it does depend on the age and era of a property but certainly can add $60 – $80,000.00 to a property. 

When considering a Kitchen or Bathroom renovation, is there a percentage of your home value you should spend on these projects?  

The consumer is the one that will answer that question when they come to make an offer. I suggest that a bathroom is tasteful, tidy and fresh with lovely tapware and storage; as the market has changed so much over the past 2 years, a buyer will be more inclined to walk away from a property that requires a new bathroom or kitchen as trades and materials are challenging. Again – add soft closing mechanisms to draws and upgrade handles, taps, tiles/backsplash etc., we have just invested $25,000 on a brand new kitchen and $20,000 on a gorgeous bathroom that will have added $80,000 to the value of the property. 

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